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Purple Hair, Don’t Care: The Best Products For Color Treated Hair


The best products for color treated hair - Teodora Nicolae for Caviar & Catwalks - Purple Hair, Tisci 74 tee, Chanel sunglassesPhoto by Carlos Maldonado / Kamera

A couple of weeks ago I debuted a new ‘do and promised you guys that I would put together a post on the best products for color treated hair — so here we go.

Purple hair is no maintenance joke, you guys. Blue, indigo, purple and violet hues are the hardest to keep looking bright and saturated and require more frequent trips for color touchups than most other colors. So, if you’re going to commit, you’ll need to stock up on products that will help keep the color as long as possible. Are they pricier than your average drugstore color shampoos and styling products? Yes. But they are worth their weight in gold once you realize how much better your hair will feel and how much longer you can go in between salon visits (and paying for color touchups!) with their help.

I swear by three particular haircare lines: KEVIN.MURPHY, Oribe and Rene Furterer. I have used these three interchangeably for years and they have helped me keep my various reds and violets looking fresh.  Check out my product picks below. Trust, I wouldn’t steer you wrong — every single product below I have used (years of research!) and now swear by. Just click the link to shop the product.

Happy coloring 🙂





1 ||   Blonde.Angel Wash — Ok, so color fading is inevitable. But this shampoo will ensure that your red or violets stays rich instead of brassy.

2 ||   Blonde.Angel Colour Enhancing Treatment — DITTO (see above).

3 ||   Fresh.Hair Dry Cleaning Spray Shampoo — My favorite thing about this dry shampoo is that it smells like chocolate. Or licorice. Or a mix? Not sure, but I love it.

4 ||   Staying.Alive Leave-In Conditioner — The antioxidants and essential oils in this leave-in conditioning spray leaves my hair silky, shiny and healthy.

5 ||   Young.Again Infused Treatment Oil — This guy does double duty: use it before styling for shine or after to tame flyaways and add a little extra moisture to ends. A bottle will last you FOREVER (read: a really long time).

6 ||   Damage.Manager Instant Heat Shielding Spray — I use hot tools almost every single day, so this is a definitely must-have for me. Better yet, a can’t-live-without. Protects color, smooths frizz and tames static.





1 ||   Shampoo for Beautiful Color — A daily shampoo that will help keep your color looking fresh; I noticed my color did not bleed nearly as much.

2 ||   Masque for Beautiful Color — I HIGHLY recommend this intense masque if you color your hair often. Tames frizz, adds shine, protects color. SUPERSTAR.

3 ||   Gold Lust Repair & Restore Conditioner — If you have extra dry, damaged hair this guy is for you. It will leave your hair feeling soft, shiny and healthy, especially during the extra harsh winter months.

4 ||   Dry Texturizing Spray — Two words: game. changer. This dry texturizing spray is a combo of everything you need on the daily: boosts volume, acts like a dry shampoo and texturizes freshly washed hair.

5 ||   Shine Light Reflecting Spray — FINALLY. An extra fine shine mist that doesn’t leave my hair looking oilier after application. Adds just the right amount of shimmer and shine to freshly styled hair.




1 ||   Okara Protect Color Radiance Enhancing Shampoo  — For specifically violet or purple hair, use this shampoo instead.

2 ||   Okara Radiance Enhancing Conditioner — Does exactly what it says it will do, and isn’t that just…refreshing?

3 ||   Okara UV & Color Protecting Spray — I honestly believe that my color lasts 2-3 weeks longer when I use this spray regularly. It also smells like a dream and leaves my hair extra shiny. WIN.

4 ||   Naturia Dry Shampoo — Hands down, the best dry shampoo I have ever used. It somehow makes color look even better, no joke.  Worth the splurge.

5 ||   Carthame Gentle Hydro-Nutritive Masque — One of the best day-to-day moisturizing masques I have ever used, if only for the fact that it doesn’t weight my hair down.

6 || Solaire KPF 90 Protective Summer Fluid — Use this baby before you hit the pool or beach to protect your color-treated tresses. Bonus: smells great.


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