Five Unusual Travel Experiences Now On My Bucket List

Five Unusual Travel Experiences On My Bucket List - Caviar & Catwalks - A fashion, food and travel blogIndonesian Spice Route Voyage via Jacada Travel

One of my new year resolutions (one I intend to keep, that is) is to travel more this year. And while month one of 2015 is already gone and I haven’t been anywhere new, I have been busy daydreaming and planning the future trips. Through the researching and planning process I’ve run across some bucket list trips and a few travel experiences so unique, I had to share. Check out five unusual travel experiences that you might just need to add to your own travel bucket list, immediately.


Kensington Tours’ A Taste of Italy Experience 

Did someone just say, “eat your way through Italy’s gastronomic history”? Yeah, I’m down. Italian has always been my favorite and I can’t actually think of a more magical way to spend 8 days than traveling through the country with a private guide while experiencing true Italian fare and some of Italy’s most famous sights.

The ultimate beauty of Kensington Tours is that each trip is fully customizable and is a privately guided tour. With 24/7 support and expert local guides, you can’t really go wrong.

Trip cost: 8 Days, from $4,400 per person.


Black Tomato’s Ninja Experience 

Seriously, does this even need an explanation? You had me at Ninja. Maybe it’s just me and my childhood dream of becoming a white ninja that I just haven’t given up on yet, but let’s just go head and file this one on the “non-negotiable” section of the bucket list.

Along the bespoke journey, you will travel from Kyoto to Tokyo while learning Japanese archery and sword dancing in a Kenbu experience. With the help of a private guide, you will explore Kyoto and experience the classic tea ceremony. Then, you will head to Tokyo on a bullet train for a private lesson with one of Japan’s most legendary senseis (who also trains other famous martial artists, like Yoji Yamamoto) in his private karate dojo. When you feel like you’ve learned the secrets of the ninja, your private guide will take you to explore both the vibrant cityscape as well as the more tranquil side of Tokyo, like the heights of the Roppongi Hills or the Asukusa Temple.

Trip cost: from $7,499 from NYC. Learning the way of the Ninja: PRICELESS.


Jacada Travel’s Indonesian Spice Route Voyage 

Sail the Indonesian spice route, on your own private yacht. Because sailing the spice route should be done in no other way that I can think of.

This trip is unreal as described, but also fully customizable by the travel experts at Jacada Travel. Some things you can expect: exotic islands and unbelieavble views, champagne-filled sunsets, rich marine life, an expert 11-man crew (including an on-board spa therapist) and meals on deserted islands. If you need more incentive, just check out the lead photo on this post (SWOON).

Trip Cost: Price upon request.


Abolute Travel’s Holistic Renewal Journey Through Bali

Bali is definitely a desintation that has been on my mind for a long time. There’s just something a bit magical (at least how I imagine it) about it and it’s just the kind of spiritual place that lends itself to a certain amount of self-discovery. So when I came across Absolute Travel’s Bali Wellness tour itinerary, I realized that this had to be something I experienced once in my life.

The trip includes two restorative nights at the Ayana Resort & Spa, home to the world’s largest Aquatonic pool. Sunrise yoga and the resort’s award-winning Thalasso Spa, will set the tone for the rest of the trip. The journey then takes you to Canggu, a quaint beach village located on Bali’s southwest coast, where you will enjoy a traditional Djamoe Class to learn more about and create your own ancient healing remedies of spices. Beach days, surfing lessons and complete relaxation are on the menu here as well. The final four nights are spent in Ubud at the Como Shambhala Estate, the ultimate oasis for wellness nestled within lush rice paddy fields. Along with indulging in body treatments and other balancing activities, you will spend time with local artisans and visit sacred Balinese Temples.

Sign me up for this trip of a lifetime.


Try something new with

Okay, so this one isn’t necessarily about ONE unusual travel experience in particular, but I ran across this site and thought it was pretty much one of the coolest, smartest things ever.

The next time you plan a trip, head to and enter your destination city. In no time at all, local-designed tours and special experiences will pop up and you’ll be on your way to a new adventure without having to shell out your hard earned cash for a boring, cookie-cutter tour. Want to go on a midnight street food crawl in NYC? How about go hunting for some of the best street art in San Francisco? Or do you want to experience Dublin like a local? Forage for your own seafood while in Hawaii? YES. All of the above, please.

What could arguably be the best part about this site is that you don’t even have to leave your city to try something new – give it a search and see what kind of unique tours or experiences pop up near home. You might just get to see your home city in a brand new light.

What trips and unusual travel experiences are on your travel bucket list?



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