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I have never considered myself to be a minimalist – there’s just something about stark surroundings and living with very few things that I thought felt cold, uninviting and…well…boring. And while the words classic, tailored, streamlined, monochrome resonate and I prefer to dwell in bright airy spaces, my love of sequins and the occasional colorful print made me feel like any level of minimalism just wasn’t for me. Until recently.

The lightbulb moment came while reading this piece on The Darling Bakers about the true meaning of the word “minimalism” and the five steps to a better, simpler life.

“Minimalism isn’t about owning nothing or having completely bare walls. It’s not some sort of aestheticism or doing without. It simply means getting rid of the unnecessary to make room for what really matters. To streamline and simplify. Excess clutters not only our homes, but our minds and emotions.”

It made a lot of sense and helped me realize how much I was time and peace of mine I was losing by living with things that had no utility. Now, I am not going to suddenly start throwing every possession I own out the window. Nor am I delusional – to think that I can adopt a simpler lifestyle overnight is setting myself up to fail. This is about recognizing that I need to make room for more important things in my life by letting go of useless things that just take up space.

So here I am, taking it to heart and committing to not only beginning to purge my life of useless possessions and letting go of the old (which is something that I’ve mentioned I’m really into lately) but also to living more simply in order to make room for more. Not more “stuff”; there is no room in my life any longer for things that aren’t beautiful AND serve a purpose. Instead I want to make room for more headspace, more creativity, more peace, and to just give myself more time. Think about it: how much more time would you have if you had less stuff do deal with? Less laundry, less knick-knacks to clean, just less.

While letting go of some of these things won’t be easy, I’ve started with the hardest first: my wardrobe. There are expensive things I’ve never worn that I convince myself I will, one day, wear. Let’s be real: no I won’t. We all have grand visions of passing down our beloved leather jacket to our kids one day; in hopes that they will revel in it’s vintage beauty and love it as much as we did when it was shiny and new. Our kids will love us for keeping these things, right? Maybe. But maybe not. Is it worth sacrificing our sanity to keep stockpiling these things they may or may not be into? Wouldn’t it make more sense to find someone that would LOVE these things and put them to use now? I dont’ want to just throw things out –  I want to find them a new home.

Just in time for these revelations, I get to start the search for a new home for some of my favorite things this Sunday at our second blogger pop-up shop at the W Hotel Buckhead. I hope those of you in the ATL will join me and a few other blogger gals, including LadyFlashback, My Style Vita, Lush to Blush and Fashionably Lo from 1PM to 3PM for some shopping and cocktails. A part of proceeds from our sales also go to Pink Heals Foundation, if you need a better excuse to come hang.

For those of you not in Atlanta, worry not. I’ll be listing some of my favorite pieces online shortly. Check out my twitter for announcements soon.



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