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  After months of planning and working to get this new concept going, CxC is finally live. Welcome and thank you so much for stopping by. Those of you that know me from my previous blog will notice some things have changed, and not just branding and content-wise. There is a lot of evolution that has happened here, in the last few months especially, sparked by a level of personal growth that only comes with a certain amount of risk taking. Over the last year the personal and professional risks I have taken include: leaving my job in search of a new adventure, starting my own business, cleaning house on both the personal and digital front (oops, sorry old Facebook “friends”) and recommitting to myself and the people in my life that truly matter. I would be lying if I said it was easy and that there weren’t terrifying moments, but I would also be lying if I said it wasn’t worth it. The amazing opportunities that have come my way once I opened myself up to them have inspired me to continue to confidently leap off of metaphorical cliffs in search of the creative, adventurous life I used to always tell myself I wanted but couldn’t commit to actually pursuing.

  This is, indeed, a time of transition for me and the journey to re-discover myself has just begun. To be clear, I don’t want this to just be another fashion blog among the rest. My hope is that CxC becomes a place for me to try new things and put myself out there, as well as a space that encourages you, dear reader, to take more risks and ultimately live a more fulfilling and creative life every day too. Here’s to figuring it all out, one step at a time, and hopefully inspiring others in the process.

While you’re here, take a look around, shoot me an email if you want to chat, and don’t forget to subscribe and follow to keep up with me and CxC on the go.



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