Headphones street style, Le 21ème ,  Adam Katz Sinding, CxC soundtracks
Original photo by Adam Katz Sinding || Le 21ème


Whether it’s to make our daily commute easier to deal with or to inspire an extra pep in our step, or for that added “LET’S DO THIS” energy while we work, we all need a good soundtrack, don’t we? We do. So, I thought I’d start sharing what I’m listening to each month by sharing here via my SoundCloud. As far as what you can expect each month: my playlists are usually versatile (they take me from the office to the gym), they are eclectic (because my attention span is too short to stick with one genre), and they are almost always up-beat (let’s conquer that to-do list!). Ready for October? Here we go:


What are you listening to this month?



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